In honor of Edison’s birthday I’m posting a patent that my Great Grandfather (or possibly Great Great Grandfather - they had the same name) George F. Ehemann filed in 1907.  The name of the invention was a “Flash-Light.”  The drawings are very cool looking (I wish I had half the ability to draw like that) and even the cover of the issued patent is pretty nice.  What it did was allowed the user to make a commercial gas lit sign or lights (like a store name) flash at a rate the operator set without having to worry about the flame going out.  Hence the term “Flash-Light.”  There was also a photo in the envelope that contained the patent of the working example of the Flash-Light attached to a lamp.  I would have loved to have seen this lamp in person but sadly that never happened.  With the amount of stuff my family kept over the years I’m surprised the light never made it.   Anyway, the entire thing looks pretty cool and it may have actually made him some good money if it wasn’t for the fact that at that time everyone was converting to electric.   This reminds me, I need to get back to work on that new pager I’m inventing. 


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