This Polish coat of arms was found in my Grandma’s basement (on the same trip that I found all of these photos) and is pretty easy to date since it’s stamped 1955. While I can’t find any exact references to this item, or the Million Dollar Fund For Restoring Freedom To Poland, I am going to assume it was given to folks that donated to that capital fundraising campaign. This was of course during the height of Cold War when all of Eastern Europe was falling under Soviet control. 

The Polish American Congress was created in a post WWII world that had to deal with the spread of Communism. While it is hard to say how exactly they spent their money, I do know that they were part of a U.S. Government program that sent relief to Poland in the hopes of creating a ground swell of pro American feelings (as if the people of Poland had a choice back then). The Polish American Congress still exists today and with Soviet Communism gone they have been active on other matters related to Poland. This ranges from sending aid to victims of natural disasters, to helping them become part of NATO and the EU. They also work to advance Polish heritage events in the U.S. 

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