I came across this 1963 annual report from the Chicago Public Library at the bottom of a box.  Now finding library related material isn’t that strange being my Grandma Alice was a head librarian for them, along with her sister being a career librarian, and even my Mom worked for CPL for a while.  So really, I should expect as much.  But why an annual report?  The 5th page answered my question.

The B&W photo in the upper left has my Grandmother standing next to Mayor Daley (his son Richard M. just retired from being Mayor of Chicago and his son Bill is the current White House Chief of Staff).  This was at the grand opening of the Albany Park Branch in Chicago.  An 8x10 of this photo hung in our basement when I was a child growing up (it was one of those Chicago basements – if you’re from there you know what I’m talking about), and I currently have the photo in my bedroom.  The thing was that I never knew the story behind the shot.  From finding this annual report I now do.

This branch not only still exists but from the exterior looks exactly like it did when it opened 48 years ago.  Even the big block lettering on the Foster Ave side is original.  I remember going to this library in the 1970s even though it wasn’t our local branch.  To me, for better or worse, this style of architecture will always remind me of my childhood. 

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